Angel Phoenix is here to entertain, thrill and engage genre fans around the world. With an international team of passionate and talented writers, artists, producers and directors, Angel Phoenix is developing and producing Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Supernatural entertainment for Film, Television, Books, Comics and New Media that will fire the imagination and bring to life a pantheon of charismatic and captivating heroes and villains, undertaking adventures to excite and enthral, across breathtaking worlds that will leave viewers and readers everywhere demanding “MORE!


Here are just a few of the original projects we have in development:

  • VENUS IA, a full-throttle, fem-powered, sci-fi actioner – MORE
  • OF MONSTERS AND MAN, a sci-fi horror series in the tradition of Frankenstein, Alien and American Horror Story – MORE
  • ANGELWITCH, an epic fantasy series for the 21 Century – MORE
  • THE LEGEND OF SPACELORD MO FO, a post-apocalyptic, space western, love story… with guns – MORE
  • CLOCK, a romantic dramedy with supernatural overtones – MORE
  • VENUS LEAGUE, a fem-powered, adrenalin-filled sci-fi adventure series – MORE
  • RISING SONS, an epic historical drama series with supernatural elements – MORE
  • THE PANDORA SEQUENCE, a tour-de-force meta-thriller – MORE
  • EXILES, a futuristic sci-fi mystery series – MORE
  • QUICKSAND, a sci-fi series in the vein of X-Files and LOST – MORE
  • STREAMERS, a sci-fi horror film in the tradition of Aliens and Starship Troopers – MORE
  • POINT ROYALE, a urban fantasy drama series in the tradition of Buffy and Supernatural – MORE

Visit our TV and FILM pages for more information on each of these projects.


Visit our NOVELS & COMICS page to discover the novels for The Pandora Sequence, and Venus IA, and the amazing illustrated cinematic-sized novels of the Angelwitch saga. You can also find Episode 1 of the trailblazing digital comic, The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo, which has joined the likes of Thrillbent’s Insufferable and Marvel’s Infinite series in pioneering the new wave of digital-only comics that are taking the comics universe by storm.

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