Angelwitch sets a new high standard for lovers of thrilling fantasy epics and breathtakingly imaginative art.


This is the saga of the last Angelwitch.

It’s a story of when the heroes lose… …and
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Trailblazing digital comic, The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo, is an ass-kickingly kick-ass, post-apocalyptic, space western, love story… No! Really!


*Warning! The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is intended for a more mature audience… well, it’s not for ‘kids’ anyway… not
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In Venus IA, the corrupt, corporation-ruled dystopian galaxy gets the psychopathic super-assassin hero it deserves.


“To save her sister, she sold her soul to the corporation…”

VENUS IA is a full-throttle, fem-powered sci-fi actioner in the vein of Taken,
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The Pandora Sequence dives into the worlds of ‘Conspiracy’, ‘Alien Agendas’ and ‘Planetary Change’. Read on to uncover more…


The blurb begins with a disquieting quote, “There is a reptilian in your mind… and it knows what you are
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