Everybody wants to rule the Realms.
ANGELWITCH is a fast-paced fantasy drama set in the sorcery-ruled Realms, combining the epic scope and vision of ‘Game of Thrones’, with the hyper-real visual impact of ‘Spartacus’, and the fresh, adventurous tone of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

TV Series


Pilot Screenplay (Writer – Pat McNamara)


Fantasy / Action / Drama


Based on the acclaimed illustrated Novel Series

Series Synopsis

The series follows last Captain of the Realmguard, ZAYD MON AWES, a superb swordsman, gifted instructor, steadfast friend, and faithful solider of the Realms’ ruler, the Angelwitch. Real purpose has eluded Zayd in life, but when the storm of war engulfs the Realms, the Angelwitch falls, and Zayd’s stripped bare of all that matters most; his lover, his friends, and his faith – purpose finds him. Forced to ally with four young rival sorceress’, together they fight to save the Realms from annihilation as war erupts between all those who would claim the power of the Angelwitch for themselves.
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